Touch of Care: Transforming Lives

The Touch Of Care Has The Power To Transform Lives

In today’s world, your family is defined by who you care for and who cares for you. At Vicks, we believe that everyone deserves the touch of care, especially those who have to face life’s greatest difficulties like abandonment, illnesses and disabilities or even social prejudices. Vicks recognizes the transformative power of care and celebrates the extraordinary stories of the people who have lived it by their actions.

Just A Boy

This is the true story of “Agnes” and an orphaned baby boy suddenly left in her care by his disinterested relatives who didn’t let her know of his life-threatening illness. In spite of his condition and the struggles they had to face, Agnes was determined that with her unwavering love and care, he will survive and live like any ordinary child.

To understand more about HIV and how to care for those infected, please visit the links below:

Project Red Ribbon site:

Learning to Love

The film is inspired by the real account of Hernando and his adopted son, Rhyz Hernando had his life changed forever when a hapless orphan baby entered his life. It’s a story of hope, transformation and redemption – all brought about by the touch of care.

Touch of Care fund

Last year, the raised funds helped support Save the Children’s protection efforts for abandoned children.This year, Vicks is partnering with Project Red Ribbon, a non-profit organisation that helps children living with HIV in Philippines. With the fund, we hope to continue extending our #TouchOfCare.

Procter & Gamble is a proud supporter of Project Red Ribbon. Vicks, through its “Touch of Care” campaign, partnered with Project Red Ribbon to support the “Duyan Program.” This program aims to provide valuable help to children infected with HIV in the Philippines.

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