Cat got your tongue? Or just scared to speak to the world with your itchy throat?

With Vicks VapoCool 2-in-1 fast relief, feeling embarrassed about your voice will be the least of your worries on a “cold day”.

Vicks VapoCool is a specially formulated throat drop designed to give active throats 2-in-1 cooling AND refreshing relief with a burst of extra cooling “Levo-menthol” that provides icy cooling sensations.

Enjoy fast cold relief with easy breathing and soothed sore throats thanks to Vicks VapoCool!

This handy throat drop comes in 3 candy flavors:
• Butter Menthol
• Original Menthol
• Cooling Peppermint

Now you know – never leave home without Vicks VapoCool!

Package Information


  • Vicks VapoCool Menthol 3.5g drop contains 10.7 mg menthol, 4.6 mg eucalyptus oil 
  • Vicks VapoCool Peppermint 3.5g drop contains 7.1 mg menthol, 7.1 mg peppermint oil
  • Vicks VapoCool Butter Menthol 3.5g drop contains 7.0 mg menthol


  • Keep out of reach of children. 

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