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  • Vicks® BabyRub™

    Vicks BabyRub Soothes & Moisturizes your Baby

    Vicks BabyRub is specially developed for your baby in association with baby and skin experts. Made with fragrances of Rosemary, Lavender & Eucalyptus and extract of Aloe Vera and is dermatologist confirmed.

Cough and Cold

  • Vicks® Inhaler™

    Vicks Inhaler provides relief from stuffy nose.

    A stuffy nose picks no time or place. Great thing nasal relief can be found – and carried – anywhere, anytime.

  • Vicks® VapoRub™

    Vicks VapoRub provides fast acting relief from cold for the whole family.

    You love to watch your kids sleep and see them lost in their world of dreams. But with a cough & cold, their sleep gets disturbed and their dreams are left incomplete. Use Vicks Vaporub, providing up to 8 hours long lasting relief from nasal congestion due to cold, for a restful sleep and dreams that can last all night long!

  • Vicks Formula 44

    Vicks Formula 44 cough syrup is a remedy for dry cough.

    Vicks Formula 44 helps provide long lasting and effective dry cough relief. Now available in a NEW pack in all leading drugstores nationwide.

  • Vicks® Vapocool™

    Vicks VapoCool soothes itchy throat, and is a remedy for sore throat.

    Cat got your tongue? Or just scared to speak to the world with your itchy throat?