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    Vicks® First Defence is clinically proven to help stop a cold when used at 1st signs or when feeling at risk of catching a cold.

    A medical device that is clinically proven to help you in the fight against common cold viruses. Use it at 1st signs of a cold to help reduce the risk of developing a full blown cold or you can even start using it when exposed to cold viruses!

    Read label before use. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor. You may use it when feeling at risk of catching a cold (e.g. when someone in your house has a cold, or at a crowded place like public transport, etc). Use up to 4 days only if no symptoms develop. If symptoms develop, use until they subside.

  • Vicks® Immune Defense

    Specially developed to help your body’s immune system deal with colds.

    The Vicks you trust now has Vicks Immune Defense! It helps provide 3-in-1 Immune Defense against a cold. #VStrong with #VicksImmuneDefense

    Available in packs of 10 capsules & 100 capsules.

    With proper diet and exercise. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

  • Vicks® Inhaler™

    Vicks Inhaler provides relief from stuffy nose.

    A stuffy nose picks no time or place. Great thing nasal relief can be found – and carried – anywhere, anytime.


  • Vicks® VapoRub™

    Vicks VapoRub provides fast acting relief from cold for the whole family.

    You love to watch your kids sleep and see them lost in their world of dreams. But with a cough & cold, their sleep gets disturbed and their dreams are left incomplete. Use Vicks Vaporub, providing up to 8 hours long lasting relief from nasal congestion due to cold, for a restful sleep and dreams that can last all night long!


  • Vicks Formula 44

    Vicks Formula 44 cough syrup is a remedy for dry cough.

    Vicks Formula 44 helps provide long lasting and effective dry cough relief. Now available in a NEW pack in all leading drugstores nationwide.


  • Vicks® Vapocool™

    Vicks VapoCool soothes itchy throat, and is a remedy for sore throat.

    Cat got your tongue? Or just scared to speak to the world with your itchy throat?